Green Crack



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Everybody goes through a spell of fatigue. With our busy lives and demanding schedule, it’s only a matter of time before our energy is completely zapped. We have the perfect fix for this mess; Green Crack. It’s the sativa strain of your dreams.

Bred from Skunk #1 lineage, GC is a delight to all cannabis users. Especially Snoop Dogg, whos labelled it as his favourite strain.

GC Aesthetics

Green Crack is full of fruity and tangy notes that excite the senses. The smoke is light and easy to inhale, perfect for newcomers to the cannabis world. Its buds are tightly packed, but smaller in size. Users may note the buds are “popcorn” like.

Green Crack is a flavourful smoke, but the real beauty is in its energetic euphoria.

Green Crack Effects + Benefits

Soon as GC hits the system, a surge of invigorating energy ramps up mental processes. Your thinking becomes quicker, clearer and full of complex schemes. Abstract thinking comes second nature, followed by a strong sense of focus. Most users note the strain is best used during the day.

Although Green Crack is great in the morning, don’t put it past using at night as well. Picture this.

Looking through your study guide, you keep forgetting where you are. All the pages have become a blur, and your nerves are on edge. You start feeling like it’s time for a double shot espresso or Redbull.

Medicinal benefits are aplenty as well. GC eliminates stress and reduces depression and anxiety in mild cases. As well, this strain is optimal for use during the day to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain.

Put down the energy drink, and pick up Green Crack. You’ll thank us later.


Up to 22-24% THC


Flavour; Citrus, Sweet, Earthy

Effects; Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Focused, Euphoric

Medical; Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Lack of Appetite

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2.0 Grams for $24, 3.5 Grams for $36, 7.0 Grams for $72, 14 Grams for $144, 28 Grams for $280